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  • American Institute of English Language (AIEL) banner
  • American Institute of English Language (AIEL) banner
  • American Institute of English Language (AIEL) banner
  • American Institute of English Language (AIEL) banner
  • American Institute of English Language (AIEL) banner
  • American Institute of English Language (AIEL) banner
  • American Institute of English Language (AIEL) banner
Our Courses
All of our courses have been specially designed & developed on American pattern in consultation with Dr. O.P.Lamba, scientist at -

Address - 12001 BAYRUN DRIVE LOUIS VILLE KY - 40245 (U.S.A)
Phone - (R) 502-429-6927
(O) 502-966-8989
Fax - 502-968-9628
Our new concept in teaching of English Language is unique and flexible which ensure perfect retention of content involving purely psychological and scientific methods. It is entirely different from the traditional and stress full way of school/college type of English learning.
  • We make you speak quality English in just 90 hours (spread over to a period of 03 months.). A time to proven system being successfully used since v1991.
  • The course of AIEL provides you with caters your personalized needs which helps you develop a knack how to come out of a difficult speaking situation - A systematic approach.
  • AIEL provides you with precious chance to learn better communication to enhance your personality through debate seminar, personality development and interview classes.
  • AIEL courses gives an opportunity that will enable you to use English language fluently, frequently, confidently, and in a natural way in real life situations.
  • At AIEL students are closely monitored through a continuous assessment & appraisal system supported with printed learning material.
Special Features
  • LINGUA, PHONE, OCTAPHONE, PTA TAPES & VISUAL AIDS To help you speak quality English.
  • Complete library at no extra cost - just to enrich your knowledge.
  • A life long free membership - A unique opportunity to be in touch with English and AIEL.
  • We have specially trained faculty to help you through your tenure with AIEL.
  • Separate conversation rooms for males and females.
  • Convenient timings to choose from.
  • No Formal education is required for getting admission at any of our authorized centers through out nation.
A - Basic Courses
  • Fundamentals of English language
  • Conversation based garammer
  • Situational application of grammer
  • English in social situations-Greetings, Etiquettes and manners
  • Practical Vocabulary, Pronunciation, Accent, Differences between British and American English, Group discussion, Personality development, Interview skills, Presentation skills-self presentation, Use of body language, Public speaking sessions, Before and after class conversation drills.
Help KIDZ perfect language within a short span of time through various fun filled leisure activities involving Cartoon, Films, Games, Computer, Quizzes etc.
C- Advance Course
  • Helps students at intermediate and above intermediate levels to develop & master language for the challenges offered by present day competitive professional environment.

  • Group Discussion, Interview Skills, Interpersonal Talk, Personality Development, Grooming Presentations Business Communication How to write C.V. Business Letters, Reports, Fax, Memo Etc., Art of Public Speaking, Familiarity with British (R.P.) & American Accents, Vocabulary Building, Correct & Proper Pronunciation Telephoning skills, Ear Training through A well equipped language laboratory fitted with equipments like Computer System, Reteometer, Accentometer, OHP, Audio Conference Table etc.
  • Helps those desirous of career in Domestic / International call centers to get good paying jobs.

Candidates are helped to develop -
  • Telephoning skills.
  • Accent Neutralization Ability to speak neutralized accent that is understood globally.
  • Familiarity with British, American & Australian Accents, through Ear Training using well equipped language laboratory.
  • All modules covered comprehensively
  • Listening Writing, Academic & General Reading, Academic & General Spoken.
  • Helps those who want to go abroad for studies / jobs or those who want to immigrate to Australia/New Zealand / Britain / Canada / America etc.
  • Valid test score of IELTS is a prerequisite for these purposes.
  • ALL SECTIONS COVERED (TWE and TSE), PRACTICE FOR COMPUTER BASED TEST Listening / Structure / Reading / Writing / Essay
  • Special Test Series for Practice
  • Helps Those who want to persue studies or go for a job in US, Canada, Britain, Australia, New Zealand etc or want to Immigirate to these countries.
  • GRE, Graduate Record Exam. Helps those who are desirous of pursuing further studies in US / Canada
  • GMAT, Graduate Management Aptitude test, Helps those who want to go for management courses in US / Canada Universities / Institutions.
  • SAT Scholastic Aptitude Test for those who are desirous of joining. under graduate courses in US / Canada.
  • English Language testing is an integral part of these international tests support for them is provided at our institution.
Basic / Fundamental Course
  • Helps a beginner develop fundamental language skills through sustained practice.

Advanced Course :
  • Helps those conversant with basic language skills to further their skills for more proficient usage.